“We seek to restore and re-image an expanded Advent for the life and mission of the Church.”
– The Very Rev’d Wm H. Petersen, PhD, DD Founder & Convener

Mission Statement

In order to reclaim Advent for time to come, we are committed to:

  • working ecumenically to restore Advent from four (4) to seven (7) weeks;
  • collecting and providing appropriate Advent worship and homiletical resources for clergy and musicians;
  • authoring and soliciting scholarship that will support and interpret this proposal for liturgical renewal.

Hymn Suggestions for Years A,B and C in Resources

Recently Published: What Are We Waiting For? Re-Imagining Advent for Time to Come by William H. Petersen

New resource: When All Saints Sunday and the First Sunday of Seven Week Advent Fall on the Same Day, by William H. Petersen